Airline Customer Service

The airline industry like all forms of travel is heavily dependent upon customer service. Something that anybody who is interested in the subject of airline customer service should realize is that airline customer service is quite different from other kinds of customer service.

The Basic Goal of Airline Customer Service

The basic goal of airline customer service is to ensure the safety of the passengers. This is the main function of airline customer service personnel who are called flight attendants, stewards or stewardesses. These individuals see to the needs of the passengers but their main goal is the passengers’ safety.

Indeed one of the main functions of flight attendants is to keep passengers from interfering in the crew’s operation of the plane. The stewards work to make sure that the pilot, engineer and copilot are free to fly the plane.

In the early days of air travel nurses were often employed as flight attendants so that they could handle passengers that got sick or agitated. Today many airlines are employed retired police officers, paramedics and firefighters as flight attendants in an attempt to make air travel safer.

Air travel is much stressful because of the dangers of terrorism, cramped plays, flight delays and other factors. Today’s flight attendants often have to deal with irate and upset passengers. They also have to be alert for terrorism and irrational passengers.

Minimal Service

They do this by responding to the passengers’ needs, ensuring their comfort and making sure the passengers are calm. This has to be done because airliners are rather small and cramped.

The services provided by airline attendants are much more minimal than those provided by train porters and conductors. They may serve meals at a certain time, dispense snacks and sometimes provide drinks.

Unlike the crews on trains and ships, flight attendants can not take tips. This means that they are generally better paid than persons in similar positions in other modes of travel. Unfortunately the job is much more stressful.

Airline Customer Service Careers

Those who are not prepared to deal with large numbers of people, cramped quarters and a lot of stress should not become flight attendants. An airline attendant has to be disciplined, relaxed and capable of dealing with both dangerous situations and irrational passengers.

There are some advantages to airline customer service in particular such positions are paid more than similar jobs. Flight attendants also get to travel a lot and have free travel.

Persons that don’t like to travel and hate staying alone should definitely go into this career. Those who love travel and enjoy other cultures will definitely like some of the aspects of an airline attendant’s job.

Tips for Airline Customer Service Jobs

Those interested in an airline customer service job should definitely spend some time traveling. They should also spend some time around airlines, airline personnel and airports to see if they like the environment.

In some cases a person can get some of the perks with airline customer service jobs on the ground. There are many customer service positions at airlines that don’t involve air travel. These involve receptionist positions, computer work and greeting passengers at the airport. Such customer service representative jobs are good way to experience airline customer service without working on the planes.

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