Benefits of Great Customer Service

Nothing is more important to the success and survival of any business than customer service. Not surprisingly those enterprises that provide great customer service do the best business.

This means that every organization should strive to provide great customer service. Raising customer service to a great or exceptional level should be one of the main goals of every business and every employee.

The benefits of great customer service are too numerous to mention. Yet we will try to list a few so entrepreneurs can know what to expect when they improve their customer service.

Top Benefits of Great Customer Service

  • Perhaps the biggest benefit of great customer service is that it generates good will. People will look favorably upon a business that provides good customer service and employees that provide it.
  • Great customer service generates word of mouth advertising. This is the most effective advertising because it is based on the recommendations of friends, family and others that people trust.
  • Great customer service and the positive feedback it generates, makes employees happier. This increases job satisfaction and often increases employees’ level of production and level of commitment.
  • The positive work environment created by great customer service is a much better place to work. Both employees and managers have a better attitude and more commitment.
  • Great customer service often generates more income for employees in the form of increased tips.
  • Great customer service generates more revenue for the business in the form of increase sales.
  • Great customer service increases employee loyalty which translates into increased future business.
  • Great customer service often reduces the rate of crime such as vandalism and theft at a business. These crimes are often motivated by anger or resentment against a business on the part of employees or customers. Such attitudes don’t exist in an environment of great customer service.
  • Great customer service will often encourage customers to go out of their way to do business with a particular firm.
  • Great customer service will often encourage employees to spend more and to tip more.
  • Great customer service builds up a great reputation which is the best advertising any business can have.
  • Businesses with great customer service can often reduce their advertising budget and still attract customers.
  • Great customer service builds good will and popular support in the community. This makes relationships with government, community groups, labor unions and other organizations much easier.
  • Companies that provide great customer service can often charge slightly higher prices for products and services.
  • Customers are often willing to pay a slightly higher price for an identical good or service that comes with great customer service.
  • People are more likely to apply for jobs with companies that provide great customer service.
  • Companies with great customer service often have a higher rate of employee retention because people like working at them.
  • Great customer service often lessens the need for buying new equipment, upgrading technology or changing industry which can cut costs.
  • Great customer service will not make up for bad or ineffective products.
  • Customers are often willing to forgive a company for selling an inferior or ineffective product if it provides great customer service.

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