Top Ten Customer Service Schools

It can be difficult to locate high quality customer service courses because nobody seems to offer a list of such providers. Most universities it should be noted don’t offer customer classes.

Instead customer service education is generally left up to seminars, training courses and the like. Many of these are available online and some of them are quite good. A great many of these courses are conducted by professional consultants and trainers who specialize in evaluating and improving corporate or business customer service.

Top Ten Customer Service Training Providers

  1. Joana Brand’s Customer Care Coach – A course in “exquisite customer care emphasizes skills and motivation for real world situations. It is offered online but the lessons can be easily applied in the real world. Has many other resources including books available.

  1. Al la carte Training – An Australian based training program that concentrates on management and customer service training for the restaurant industry. Includes a customer service training program. Also provides customer service training for the catering business. All training available in E-book form.
  1. Impact Factory – A UK based training program that offers customer service and communication training. Concentrates on office training and service businesses. Specialties include conflict management.

  1. Captivated Customers – A US company that specializes in helping companies develop better relationships with established customers. Concentrates on corporate customers and offers seminars.

  1. Business Performance – Helps train employees in key areas needed for customer service including workplace communication. Does offer customer service information and tips.

  1. Evan Carmichael – An online school and entrepreneur community with a lot of good and very realistic advice. An excellent resource for startups, online marketers and others.

The site contains advice and articles from top business writers and authors.

  1. Helium – a site that contains a lot of really good customer service information and articles. Also some links to training and other resources. Many useful and helpful articles. Advanced articles for business professionals.

  1. Customer Service Manager – Contains a wide variety of resources for customer service managers including customer service training. An e-zine with quite a few informative articles.

  1. The Customer Focus Customized – training service that helps companies create an environment of customer service. A program designed to create customer loyalty.

  1. Astute Solutions – Offers a free customer experience boot camp and many other training resources for corporations and other organizations. Also has books, webinairs and other training tools available. Experts in customer experience strategy.

  1. Service Plus – Offers an online course for phone workers and other customer service professionals. Part of the offer is a free fifteen day online course. Combines self study and coaching. This would be an excellent solution for organizations that need to conduct a customer service school for a large organization that needs train large numbers of people in customer service.

There are quite a few other customer service solutions and schools available. An excellent strategy would be to take a wide variety of customer service courses and attend a good business school. Learning the basics of business administration and your company’s area of expertise is the foundation of customer service.

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