Degree in Customer Service

There are a few college degrees in customer service available. These degrees are pretty rare so most people interested in customer service will need to settle for a regular masters or bachelor’s degree in a subject like marketing or business management.

One excellent alternative is a regular bachelor’s or master’s degree with a minor in customer service. The University of Maryland’s University College offers an online bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in customer service. More information is available here:

There are also some masters and bachelor’s degree programs that do concentrate on customer service. Finding these does take a bit of work but they are available.

Masters Degrees in Customer Service

  • St. Xavier University a school associated with the Roman Catholic Church located in Chicago offers a masters’ of business administration (MBA) degree with a concentration in service management. Marketing service degrees are also available.

  • DePaul University offers a customer relationship management certificate program. This is taught by the authors of a recognized textbook in the subject.

  • The University of Dallas a Catholic school in Texas offers a masters degree program with a number of courses in customer service available. The focus is on human resources. A strong emphasis is also placed on branding and customer relationships.

  • Argosy University a for profit school in the United States offers masters degrees in marketing and some other customer service related subjects such as fraud detection. Certificate programs that provide those who don’t want a higher degree with advanced knowledge are also available.

Bachelors Degrees in Customer Service and Related Subjects

  • The University of Phoenix or UOP one of the largest for profit schools in the United States offers a bachelors degree in retail management. Not surprisingly this degree contains a focus in customer service. The UOP offers no specific degrees in customer service but it does offer a wide variety of courses in customer service including ones in addressing customer concerns and analyzing customer service. It would be possible to get a bachelors or masters here with a lot of customer service courses.

  • Ashford University This very popular online university in the United States doesn’t offer a specific bachelor’s degree in customer service but it does offer a variety of business administration degrees that can be used for customer service including business economics, business information systems and business leadership.

  • Western Governor’s University A consortium of a number of state schools in the US does offer bachelors and masters’ degrees in business administration that can apply to customer service. These include a Bachelor of Science in Sales and Sales Management. An MBA in the same subject is also offered. A BS in human resources management is also available.

  • Post University This traditional university located in the American state of Connecticut now offers online bachelor’s and master’s degrees and certificates in marketing, business administration, entrepreneurship, corporate innovation and other subjects. Post isn’t well known but it has been around since 1890.

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