How to Write an Effective Customer Service Resume

The secret to creating an effective customer service resume is to write one that conveys your accomplishments in customer service to perspective employers. Fortunately this is actually fairly easy to do.

Something to remember is that it is what is in your resume that will bring you jobs and job interviews not what you write your resume on. This means that fancy resume paper and other gimmicks are usually a waste of time. A good resume written on plain white typing paper should suffice for most customer service positions.

Also you don’t need to spend your money on a resume writing service in order to get an effective resume. The average person should be able to write such a resume on their own.

The Process of Writing an Effective Customer Service Resume

  1. The first step in writing an effective customer service resume is to sit down and review your job history. Think about past customer service jobs and how you did on them. Try and identify your skills and greatest job accomplishments.
  1. Try and create a resume that lists your skills and job accomplishments. You will have to list your employment but there are ways to make your accomplishments stand out.
  1. Create an accomplishments section on your resume and place it above your job history. List your accomplishments here and your job history below – that way perspective employers will read about your accomplishments first.
  1. If possible try to leave jobs where you had bad experiences off of your resume. In particular eliminate short term positions and don’t list temporary work.
  1. Leave off jobs where you had no customer service responsibilities. For example warehouse or office work that you’ve done.
  1. List as many customer service positions as possible including summer or part time jobs that you had in high school or college. Many employers look with favor on those who had direct customer service experience in fields such as restaurants or retail stores.
  1. Place an emphasis on sales jobs because these are often customer service intensive.
  1. Try not to list a former employer on a reason unless you’re sure they will give you a good recommendation. A good suggestion is to have a friend call the employer posing as a hiring manager and ask about you.
  1. Make sure you list all former employment that might come out in a background check on your resume. Many employers view those who don’t disclose past employment as trying to hide something.
  1. Definitely consider listing volunteer work, internships, apprenticeships, coursework and other unpaid activities that involve customer contact on your resume. This shows that you are a people person.
  1. Listing community activities and non religious groups that you participate in is a good idea. This makes you look like a people person who likes dealing with others.
  1. Avoid listing political and religious activities because this is actually illegal on resumes. Some employers also don’t like having overtly religious people or individuals with passionate political beliefs in customer service positions because this can offend and drive away some customers.

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