How to Get Better Customer Service

If there is one thing that almost all customers at almost all business seem to want it is better customer service. Unfortunately most customers often don’t get better customer service because they refuse to take the actions needed to get it.

Something that most of us fail to recognize is that we will have to be proactive to get good customer. Customers who are passive and fail to work for better customer service will get lousy customer service.

Good customer service is everybody’s responsibility: both customers and businesses have an obligation to work to improve customer service. Fortunately there are many things that the average customer can do to improve customer services.

Things That You Can Do to Get Better Customer Service

  • Follow the golden rule treat customer service employees as you would like to be treated. This means treat customer service employees with respect, politeness, courtesy and common.
  • Don’t be rude or impolite to customer service employees. Using common courtesies like please and thank you will get you better customer service.
  • Don’t be pushy or aggressive. Many people make the mistake of being pushy or aggressive with customer service staff. This offends such people and gives them a reason not to give you good service.
  • Never get angry with customer service staff. If you become angry or upset at a customer service employee walk away. If possible go outside or to another establishment. If you have a complaint or an issue come back later when you are not upset.
  • Never fight or argue with a customer service provider. This will simply make the situation worse. Walking out, not leaving a tip or never patronizing an establishment again is a far more effective means of sending a message than fighting.
  • Take stock of the situation before complaining. Look around and see what’s going on. In many cases, bad customer service is the result of understaffing, poor planning and other circumstances beyond an employee’s control. Don’t blame someone for something that isn’t their fault.
  • Have some patience. In many cases simply waiting a few minutes will resolve a situation such as a long line.
  • Frequent stores, restaurants and other establishments when they are not crowded. In many cases the staff of an establishment is unable to provide decent customer service when dealing with a crowd. Going in at off peak hours and avoiding crowded businesses can help you avoid bad customer service.
  • Don’t be afraid to complain and stand up for your rights. If you don’t like a situation in a store say so. Don’t be rude about it and don’t take your anger out on employees but be willing to complain.
  • Take advantage of complaint processes, many businesses have suggestion boxes, e-mail addresses, online forums for customers’ comments etc. Businesses do monitor these and respond to feedback.
  • Talk to the manager. Do not waste your time talking to employees, if you have a complaint ask to see the manager or assistant manager. If a manager isn’t available ask if there is an e-mail or voice mail where you can leave her a message.
  • Reward good customer service. The best way to ensure good customer is to reward those that provide it. Tip or pay extra tips when you get good customer service. Thank employees that provide good customer service. Ask if there is a way you can commend those who provide good customer service. Above patronize businesses with good customer service.
  • Finally, don’t patronize businesses that give bad customer service. The best way to send such establishments a message is to not give them your money.

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