Customer Service Career

Customer service is something that is always in demand. Not surprisingly there are many career opportunities in the world of customer service.

Something to keep in mind is that there is a wide variety of careers in customer service. This means that there should be a customer service position for almost everybody.

A wide variety of positions are available in customer services. Indeed customer service positions are now available in almost all industries and businesses.

Some Popular Customer Service Careers

  • Customer Relationship Manager – These professionals handle the relationship between a company and a customer. This is a growing field particularly in the luxury auto industry. The manager maintains contact with customers and meets all their needs. These positions will become more popular in fields dealing with high end technology products.
  • Online customer support – These individuals are available 24 hours day to provide support to persons who visit websites usually through chat. A very flexible position that can easily be done at home. Available on a contract basis.
  • Temporary employment recruiters – These individuals provide human resources and personnel services to employers at jobsites. They also provide customer service to temporary employees at offices. An excellent position for those with management, human resources or customer service experience.
  • Customer service trainers – These professionals train employees including retail employees in customer service on site. They may also conduct seminars.
  • Customer service consultants – These individuals will evaluate a firm’s customer service and provide advice on it. Many of them will also provide customer service training and draw up customer service plans for companies.
  • Customer service managers – Many organizations now employ professionals whose job it is to over see customer service. They often function much like a customer service consultant would but work internally.
  • Technical support personnel – These individuals are trained and often experience technicians. In many cases they will provide virtual customer service through online services or the telephone. Many of these people will be provide customer service on a contract basis.
  • Contract customer service – Many firms are outsourcing customer service to organizations dedicated to providing that function. Some organizations such as the operators of call centers are overseas others are here in the US.
  • Telephone service contractors – These individuals increasingly work independently providing customer support over the phone from their homes. An excellent part time job for stay at home mothers, students and others who need to work from home.
  • Software consultants – These individuals install and service software they also evaluate software needs. Increasingly they install software virtually and provide online customer service.
  • Customer service evaluators – These are experts who evaluate a firm’s customer services. Examples include individuals who use social services research methods to examine and evaluate customer service through statistics and sampling. Also in this category are secret shoppers who pose as customers test customer service.
  • Behavioral consultants and psychologists – These are individuals trained in social science research who are hired to evaluate customer behavior. They usually use advanced customer services techniques such as statistics. Such positions usually require a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, psychology or a related subject.

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